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Your switch to Mainova
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Your switch to Mainova

  1. Register with Mainova Simply select the rate suitable for you and order costeffective Mainova energy.
  2. Order confi rmation and access details (After registration) You will receive two emails from us. One confirms receipt of your order, the other contains an activation link for the Mainova online service.
  3. Cancellation of your previous contract (Up to 1 week after order confirmation) We will gladly cancel your delivery contract for you with your previous provider within the terms of yournotice period. After cancellation we will also notify your local network operator of your transfer.
  4. Confirmation of your contract (Up to 2 weeks after order confirmation) As soon as your network operator releases the line for Mainova, you will receive your contract confirmation by email, including the fi nal delivery date.
  5. Forward your meter reading (On delivery date at the earliest) When delivery begins, simply forward us your latest meter reading: just log into the Mainova online service and enter your latest meter reading.
  6. Welcome to Mainova (Start of supply) Your transfer is now complete – and your power supply was not interrupted, even for a second!

FAQ - Topics


Why does my gas consumption not agree with the meter reading?

Why is consumption estimated?

Installment payments

How is the payment on account calculated?

Why were not all instalment payments taken into consideration?

Why was the instalment raised?

What happens if my consumption changes in the next year?

Can I have my instalment changed at any time?

When the electricity/gas price falls, does my monthly instalment also reduce?

Background Informations

What is a municipal compensation?

What are network utilisation fees?

What is the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)?

What is PHC Power-heat coupling (KWK)?

What is the Power-Heat Coupling Act (KWK)?

What is the Eco-tax?

How is my electricity from Mainova comprised?


How are price changes notified?

Why do I pay a basis price and a work price?

Why do I have a billing price and a service price?


Will I have to make an additional payment or can I expect a credit?

When will the bill for my annual heat consumption arrive?

Why is the supplementary payment so high despite lower consumption?


How can I contact Mainova?

Where do I find my electricity/gas meter?

How do I notice if natural gas is leaking?

Moving, leaving premises empty, changing the company name

Reporting moves in and out

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0800 000 42 63***

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